48 Lexington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Email:  thelexingtonletter@thebrooklynbazaar.com


This is an open letter to the Residents and Businesses of the Lexington Block Association community to be given an opportunity to have their say, with feedback via comments or suggestions which will allow each of you to provide your overall perspective of the Brooklyn Bazaar Festival and what we need to know about how you are feeling about the event itself, the atmosphere and the comradery as we work diligently each year to create this annual community affair.

The Brooklyn Bazaar Block Party is symbolic of mental health wellness, diversity, resilience, intentional living, mindful expression mixed with creative genius and the annual celebration of all things Brooklyn fused with the best of what we are made of by our global influences. We are Graffiti & Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Tech Music, House Music and Jazz, tasty food, games, mystic elements, smiling faces and the laughter of children.  We’ve been here making history as you, the neighbor and merchant celebrate this Legacy with us.

Our primary focus going beyond mental wellness, networking and establishing positive connections is to reflect on the festival and what we can incorporate and want as residents and business owners.  This will afford us the opportunity to plan ongoing activities and reflect on this year’s event as we build an alliance of residents and business owners throughout the community.

Above is the email link where you can “have your say”, share your ideas and any other areas of concern that you’d like to address.

Welcome to the Lexington Avenue Block Association representing you and the neighborhood.